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All Prima Vocal Ensemble opportunities are open to everyone. There are no auditions and no previous experience or ability to read music is required.

Join our mixed voice choir in York

Prima Vocal Ensemble members enjoy many benefits from being part of this well-established, modern choir.

No auditions – we warmly welcome both experienced and new singers.

Learn a diverse and eclectic repertoire including contemporary classical, musical theatre, world music and large orchestral masterpieces.

Learn how to sing harmonies. Our soprano, alto, tenor and bass sections compliment each other to create a wonderfully balanced, dynamic and harmonious sound.

Improve your vocal technique – benefit from our musical director Ewa’s vocal coaching and extensive experience of teaching voice. 

There is no requirement to read music however with our comprehensive member resources your ability to read music and pitch will improve.

No previous singing experience is necessary, we provide a tailored practice resources to help you learn the music.


Enjoy the rewarding challenge of learning high standard arrangements and creating music together.

Performance opportunities – we've performed in Carnegie and Royal Albert Halls, Alpine mountaintops, European Cathedrals and "underground churches" - and with Russell Watson, Aled Jones and Sam "X-factor" Bailey!

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