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By accepting to become a member of Prima Choral Artists choirs you are accepting the terms and conditions in this Membership Agreement. You should only join if you are willing to accept them.




1. All vocal arrangements, harmonies, concepts and resources used in rehearsals are owned by Prima Choral Artists. Any person taking part in any rehearsal, performance, workshop or other activity run by Prima Choral Artists agrees that any use of ideas, techniques, resources or teachings will not be used, amended, copied or replicated in any way at any other event, nor will they be supplied or replicated to any other group or used in any other venue.


2. You are entitled to access and use resources defined by your Membership provided your fees are current. Access to music files created by PCA is for the benefit of each member to facilitate the learning of parts. These music files, when made available, are for personal use only and must not be shared, broadcast, circulated by mobile technology or otherwise, or posted onto any internet site by anyone at any time. Legal action will be taken against any individual in breach of clauses 1 and/or 2.


You are obliged to check emails regularly as this is the main way of communicating.




1. Membership is £30 per calendar month and covers logistics of running the choirs; arrangements, preparation of music; preparation of practice recordings, managing PCA website and all online resources; hire of rehearsal venues; advertising and promotion of the choir and scheduled rehearsal time. Membership is not calculated per week and refunds or waive of fees for non-attendance due to holiday, work commitments or illness are not provided. PCA offer members all the necessary practice help to be able to catch up with anything they have missed. Additional fees may apply for concert participation to cover logistics, extra rehearsals, performance venue hire and professional musical services.


2.1 Membership fees for Prima Vocal Ensemble are payable every two months or every three months and must be received by the 10th of each relevant month. Members of Prima Vocal Ensemble who choose to pay every three months will receive 1 complimentary entry per year to be used at any Prima Choral Artists event that year. These complimentary tickets are not transferable to other members.


2.2  Prima Vocal Ensemble’s main rehearsal is on a Tuesday evening. A Wednesday lunchtime session is available for those who cannot make the regular Tuesday evening rehearsal. If you wish to attend Wednesday lunchtime IN ADDITION to Tuesday there is a pay as you go £5 per session, or upfront £20 per calendar month contribution towards preparing and running the rehearsal.


2.3  Membership fees for Prima Vox and Prima Cantica are payable monthly and must be received by 10th of each month.


2.4  If you are a member of more than one Prima choir a £10 discount is applied to your second membership.

3. If monthly dues are not up to date then you will be removed from the mailing list and may not be able to take part in rehearsals or events. If you experience difficulties making payment, you must communicate this immediately and we will look at individual circumstances on a case by case basis.


4. Membership costs will be reviewed annually and members will be advised in advance of any change.




1. By joining, members are assumed to be medically fit to undertake the vocal and physical demands of singing. If an individual has doubts, this must be communicated prior to joining.


2. PCA is not responsible for damage to person or personal belongings whilst attending rehearsals and performances or before and after rehearsals and performances.


3. PCA Members are responsible for their own property and well-being whilst attending all rehearsals and performances.




PCA members are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from rehearsals and performances.


Rehearsals run throughout the year with occasional single week breaks generally coinciding with school terms plus a 2 week break in August and at Christmas. PCA reserve the right to alter the schedule of rehearsals to fit in with concerts or other events. If a rehearsal needs to be cancelled, Members are encouraged to attend an alternative available session. PCA will do their best to reschedule cancelled rehearsals.


To maintain a high standard of PCA performances, Members must attend the majority of rehearsals. If you need to be away for a period of more than two weeks, email notification is required. If you miss three rehearsals in a row without notice your email will be removed from the mailing list and access to the members zone will be restricted.




Members agree that rehearsal and concert photographs and film images may be taken of them. These images remain the property of PCA and may be used for publicity and marketing purposes in relation to the Prima Choral Artists.




Attending Prima Choral Artists rehearsals and events should be a positive and rewarding experience for everyone who takes part. Members are expected to be courteous and co-operative in their behaviour towards Musical Director, rehearsal leader/s and fellow members and to maintain an equal opportunity environment without discrimination regardless of age, sexual orientation, gender, race, disability, religion or belief. Members should respond to the leadership and direction given by the Choir Director.

Any cases of negative behaviour, whether written or verbal, towards other members or rehearsal leaders may result in cancellation of membership.




Personal and private information collected from members and held by Prima Choral Artists and will not be passed to any third party, except with the express agreement of each member.




Prima Choral Artists reserves the right to amend or alter these Terms and Conditions at anytime without notice.


Prima Choral Artists reserves the right to cancel the membership of any person deemed to be in breach of any or all of the above Terms and Conditions.

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