28 Feb 2016 Royal Northern College of Music


We spent a fantastic day in Manchester. Started off with a performance at The Manchester Museum, then took part in the national choir competition.


We presented pieces by Ola Gjeilo, Stephen Paulus and a Russian folk song. Here is the Judges feedback:

"Good vocal quality and very good clarity of text and presentation.

 Some attention to vowel matching could help the ensemble. 


Gjeilo: You produce a commendably clean sound, with very good intonation (almost always). The text here was perhaps a little unclear at times - a matter of diction I think. Two moments I very much enjoyed: the lovely held chord around bar 43, and the very tricky pp ending executed beautifully. I enjoyed some good tuning from the tenors. 


Paulus: I’m afraid I simply wrote that I enjoyed it, which doesn’t help you much.


The Russian nonsense song was very fast, with some effective simple actions. Technically this was extremely impressive and a suitable tour de force to close your spot.


Overall: you’re a very talented group of very good singers. At one point I became aware of one or two absolutely gorgeous voices in the sops - lovely, and the voices are in the blend (just, so that is something to watch). Your best singing happened when you were able to forget all the technical stuff and let the music speak. Your package scored very well, and we debated for quite a while whether you should be one of the runners-up. Thank you for giving us a high class performance."