The physical health benefits of singing are widely reported but what most people are initially struck by is the personal satisfaction and soulful joy of creating music together in harmony.


With diverse, quality arrangements designed to both entertain and to celebrate the delight of singing itself, your singing technique will improve as you embrace enthralling material from

some familiar - and some more unusual sources.


As a newcomer, I felt so supported by everyone, my first concert experience has been wonderful. Your unrelentless positivity helped me to overcome my anxiety and I enjoyed it all. Thank you for your dedication and the experience

I have had.

Karen, Soprano

Dear Ewa and Greg,
I have enjoyed such a wonderful week of singing and everything that goes with it - thank you both so much for making it all possible. It is very special to me and so many others.
David, Bass 

Thank you Ewa and Greg for

another wonderful singing experience. Every time we do something new I think it is the best yet. I don't know how you keep coming up with these things, but please don't stop! Love and thanks, Susan, Soprano xx

Ewa and Greg, Thanks, once

again, for leading us through Saturday's concert. I thought Vox and Cantica were fantastic in the first half, and I enjoyed singing with PVE in the second half. The audience loved it too. The atmosphere was very warm and encouraging. 
Thanks also for a BRILLIANT year with PVE. Performing with Christopher Tin and ACC was one of my year's absolute highlights. I'll remember those few summer days for many years to come!

Alistair, Tenor

Thank you both so much.

It was like returning home.

Great to be back.

Carol, Alto

I just feel so privileged to have been part of something so momentous and uplifting, certainly one of the highlights of my life.
The reaction from the audience was almost overwhelming and all the feedback from many of them confirms that it was genuine and heartfelt. David, Baritone