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Ewa Salecka (pron. Eh-vah Sa-wetz-ka)

Artistic Director of PCA, Conductor, Producer, Voice Teacher @ York St John University


'IN JUST five years, Polish musician Ewa Salecka has made a remarkable impact on York’s choral scene, establishing two successful choirs in collaboration with pianist Greg Birch. For non-auditioning groups, both boast impressively full and varied concert schedules (...)


Underpinned by piano powerhouse Birch, the evening above all showcased Salecka’s outstanding achievement, proceedings regulated by her exuberant direction.'

The York Press

Full Review 


A classical pianist and graduate from Szczecin Music Academy, Poland. She has been musical director, vocal instructor and artistic consultant to alternative theatres (Brama Theatre, Goleniow; Kana Theatre, Szczecin), pianist and composer with her jazz-rock groups, and highly respected as an arranger and accompanist for various contemporary events across Northern Poland (1999-2005).


After moving to London 15 years ago Ewa applied her focus to choral projects. In 2009 she relocated to York, founding successful community choirs with pianist & husband Greg Birch. Her choral portfolio now includes the a cappella chamber choir Prima Vox, the female choir Prima Cantica and Prima Vocal Ensemble mixed voice choir. In 2017 with the help of crowdfunding community input she created Prima Concert Orchestra - a professional platform for local musicians.


Under her leadership the three distinct and progressive choirs provide an ambitious blend of choral masterworks, popular concerts and European and World premieres to create outstanding  and immersive musical experiences for all. Adventurous programming - daring to redefine what people think non-auditioning choirs can sing - has resulted in unique collaborations with overseas artists; choirs from Europe and America; UK and foreign composers, and nationally & internationally renowned orchestras such as The Mowbray and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.


Yet at the heart of all her projects, Ewa retains a deep respect for the choral art form, resulting in numerous cultural exchanges and inclusion in arts festivals both at home and overseas. Her choirs have visited and sung in Italy (Alta Pusteria) 2013 & 2017, Hungary (Budapest) 2013, Spain (Barcelona) 2014, America (New York) 2014 & Poland (Krakow) 2015.

She actively creates exciting opportunities for the singers, runs vocal workshops and gives lectures.

Greg Birch

Co- founder of Prima Choral Artists, Pianist, Rehearsal Leader


Greg is recognised as one of the most versatile and technically accomplished pianists in the area. Classical training from a very early age naturally led him to embrace a wide knowledge of musicology, harmony and improvisation, enabling him to display resourcefulness in the broadest possible range of styles.

Greg has worked with classical soloists, smaller ensembles and as accompanist for exam students of all grades. As a jazz musician his creativity comes to the fore, having performed in jazz trios to full band settings. With a distinct flair for sight-reading he is available at very short notice as a session musician in all genres and as an exam accompanist.

In partnership with Ewa, the diversity of their choral projects is a platform for Greg to display the full spectrum of skills required by a modern accompanist, offering a natural outlet for his musicianship, adaptability and keyboard proficiency.

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